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no yeast flaxseed bread
Breakfast Sides and Snacks

No Yeast Flaxseed Bread

This healthy, delicious flaxseed bread requires no yeast! If you have ground flaxseed at home you might be able to give this a try straightaway without shopping for the ingredients! This No yeast flaxseed bread recipe was born when I had no bread left but couldn’t go shopping as I was staying at home with …

vegan chocolate filled oat bar
Breakfast Desserts

Vegan Chocolate filled Oat Bars

The vegan simple oat bars are filled with homemade chocolate spread. These not too sweet finger shaped bars are made with basic ingredients and lots of oats! perfect for breakfast, snack or dessert. I buy oat bars filled with apple or jam from shops sometimes but then I thought it’s time to make my own …

vegan cinnamon crunch cereal
Breakfast Sides and Snacks

Vegan Cinnamon Crunch Cereal

This homemade vegan cinnamon crunch cereal is sugar free, oil free and gluten free – perfect for breakfast! It’s mainly made with flaxseed so it’s highly beneficial to your health while it’s crunchy delicious. This vegan cinnamon crunch cereal is very easy to make with just 6 ingredients. The texture is similar to crackers with …

vegan sugar free granola
Breakfast Desserts Sides and Snacks

Vegan Sugar Free Granola

If you are looking for delicious breakfast cereals but with no sugar, this vegan sugar free granola will definitely satisfy you. It has natural sweetness from the oats and sultanas mixed in with crunchy nuts and almond butter. This nutty, delicious granola packed with nutrients is certainly good breakfast to start your day☺ It’s so …