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vegan sweet potato cake

Vegan Sweet Potato Cake

This vegan sweet potato cake is very moist and also fluffy. It’s pleasantly sweet and light so I’m quite sure you will not feel heavy in your tummy after eating a slice.  I am always trying to make something new but also something that can be made with the ingredients that I already have. I …

Vegan strawberry cake

Vegan Strawberry Cake

My son’s 6th birthday was coming and I was excited about baking a cake again. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and his answer was ‘a strawberry cake but with a vanilla sponge with strawberry frosting + decorations on it! So I made this vegan strawberry cake with two 7 inch round …

Vegan plum cake

Vegan Plum Cake With Vanilla Frosting

I made this vegan plum cake with vanilla frosting for Steve’s birthday. It was moist, fluffy and pleasantly sweet with a bit of sourness from the plum. Before Steve’s birthday was coming last week we bought a mountain of plums from the local vegetable stall. They looked juicy and sweet but when we tasted one …

Vegan tangerine cookie

Vegan Tangerine Cookie

This vegan tangerine cookie is very easy to make with simple ingredients. It’s crunchy on the outside, light on the inside and pleasantly sweet and citrusy. I decided to make this cookie simply to use up the tangerines that were in the fruits bowl in our kitchen for a long time. They were looking old …

Orange cornmeal cake

Vegan Orange Cornmeal Cake

This vegan orange cornmeal cake is moist, fluffy and also a bit crumbly which goes well with a cup of tea or coffee. I love the combination of the cake and the glaze as it gives a really nice citrus flavour and pleasant sweetness. I used tangerines which we bought from the local veggie and …

Vegan chocolate chip muffin

Vegan Chocolate Chunk Muffin

This vegan chocolate chunk muffin is super easy to make with simple ingredients. You will enjoy the crunchiness of the chocolate chunks in the fluffy muffin ☺ After thinking about baking something special for Easter I realised that there were only basic ingredients in the cupboard. I could have gone to the shop but I …

Vegan chickpea flour bread
Desserts Sides and Snacks

Vegan and Gluten Free Chickpea Bread

This vegan and gluten free chickpea bread is made with very simple ingredients and it’s surprisingly soft and flavorful. It’s very easy to cut into slices so you can make toast or make mini-sandwich with this.  When I was looking for a recipe with chickpea flour to make something vegan and gluten free I came …

vegan corn bread
Desserts Sides and Snacks

Vegan Cornbread

This corn bread is flavourful and it’s low in gluten. It’s surprisingly moist and fluffy like cake but it goes well with main dish like Chilli con carne or vegetable soup. When I make this I eat it for dinner with my main and the next day for breakfast with a bit of margarine and …