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no yeast flaxseed bread
Breakfast Sides and Snacks

No Yeast Flaxseed Bread

This healthy, delicious flaxseed bread requires no yeast! If you have ground flaxseed at home you might be able to give this a try straightaway without shopping for the ingredients! This No yeast flaxseed bread recipe was born when I had no bread left but couldn’t go shopping as I was staying at home with …

hasselback potatoes
Mains Sides and Snacks

Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback potatoes are easy to make and delicious! Serve as a side or a main, they go well with almost anything and they look gorgeous 🙂 When you fancy baked potatoes but have only small potatoes in hand, this recipe will come in handy. It takes shorter to cook compared to baking potatoes and they …

vegan simple bean burger
Mains Sides and Snacks

Vegan Simple Bean Burgers

You don’t need special ingredients to make this healthy, nutritious and yummy vegan simple bean burger. The recipe is easy, budget friendly and you’ll have the delicious burger for your meal! I eat shop bought vegan burgers when I’m short on time as they are convenient yet tasty but to be honest, I think they …

cauliflower wings with tomato sauce
Sides and Snacks

Tomato Sauce Cauliflower Wings

Oven cooked battered cauliflower wings coated with tomato based sauce. Try this easy, healthy and kid friendly recipe today, you only need very basic ingredients! I make this cauliflower wings to go with pasta, rice or wraps sometimes. Each time I make the sauce slightly different depending on what we are eating with. These tomato …

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Easy Homemade Tofu

This easy homemade tofu is delicious in stir-fry, salad or sandwich and perfect for cooking crispy tofu too! The recipe is made easy and inexpensive with shop bought soya milk. Making tofu at home sounds time consuming and difficult but you can make it really easily with shop bought soya milk. Making can be done …

homemade tortillas
Mains Sides and Snacks

Tortilla Bread

This homemade tortilla bread requires only a few ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen! soft, fluffy and simple, it’s perfect for making delicious wraps with any fillings. It’s quite annoying to realise that there is no tortilla bread when I fancy making wraps after having my daily shopping done. I wouldn’t want …

vegan puff pastry rolls
Sides and Snacks

Vegan Puff Pastry Rolls

These vegan puff pastry rolls are stuffed with creamy tofu and veggie filling. They are tasty, cute and delightful munchies that can be served any time of the day. It’s very easy to make these vegan puff pastry rolls with simple ingredients! All you do is to make the filling, leave it to cool down, …

vegan roasted butternut squash soup
Mains Sides and Snacks

Vegan Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

The simple, delicious vegan roasted butternut squash soup has an appetising aroma and flavour. Roast the butternut squash and 3 other veggies in the oven and blend with vegetable stock to finish, super easy! Are you thinking, why bother roasting to make soup? I thought that many time in the past but when I tried …

Vegan fried tofu chunks
Sides and Snacks

Fried Tofu Chunks

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, this vegan fried tofu chunks are perfect to serve as a side, a snack or a quick party food! When I was thinking of what I could prepare for a side to go with the sushi rolls that I made the other day, I thought about cooking …

vegan peanut butter cookies
Desserts Sides and Snacks

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

These vegan peanut butter cookies are perfect for keeping in your kitchen cupboard for an anytime-munch! You only need 6 ingredients to make this yummy cookies. These vegan peanut better cookies are very simple without too much sugariness so it’s nice to have them around in your kitchen to go with your cuppa! They have …

vegan cinnamon crunch cereal
Breakfast Sides and Snacks

Vegan Cinnamon Crunch Cereal

This homemade vegan cinnamon crunch cereal is sugar free, oil free and gluten free – perfect for breakfast! It’s mainly made with flaxseed so it’s highly beneficial to your health while it’s crunchy delicious. This vegan cinnamon crunch cereal is very easy to make with just 6 ingredients. The texture is similar to crackers with …