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Easy Homemade Tofu

This easy homemade tofu is delicious in stir-fry, salad or sandwich and perfect for cooking crispy tofu too! The recipe is made easy and inexpensive with shop bought soya milk. Making tofu at home sounds time consuming and difficult but you can make it really easily with shop bought soya milk. Making can be done …

vegan bread without yeast

Vegan No Yeast Bread

Have no yeast? Don’t like waiting for bread dough to rise? Then this recipe is perfect for you! Crispy on the outside, soft inside, you can make yummy bread very quickly with No yeast! I have made bread without yeast a number of times in the past but I am finally satisfied with this Vegan …

cauliflower and vegetable soup

Cauliflower and Vegetable Soup

This Cauliflower and vegetable soup is comforting, healthy and delicious! Cook everything in one pot and you will have the yummy soup in 40 minutes. This cauliflower and vegetable soup is satisfying to eat as a main or as a starter when it’s served in a small portion. We enjoyed the soup for dinner with …

vegan chickpea salad

Chickpea Salad

Are you looking for an easy, heathy salad recipe to go with your main dish? Then this chickpea salad is perfect for you to try! This vegan salad is packed with nutrition, delicious and very easy to make. I make this salad for a side when I cook vegan samosas, pasties or something similar as …

vegan scones with rice flour

Vegan Scones with Rice flour

Light and crispy on the outside, adding rice flour gave these vegan scones slightly different texture from standard scones. Try it today and enjoy serving with jam, cheese or plain! This vegan scone with rice flour recipe was born when I didn’t have enough plain flour to make them. I simply mixed the plain flour …