‘Little How’ Videos is a new project that I have started very recently. I often remember when I tried cooking new vegetables or products for the first time, sometimes I had a great success and also a disappointment. To start with, I would like to share my positive experience in cooking some particular vegetables, vegan food products and ingredients (coming soon).

Easy Vegan Chocolate Spread
I recently discovered that you can make chocolate spread easily with very simple ingredients. I enjoy it on my toast and sometimes make dessert with it, I love this!
I tried M.LK OLOGY from Mighty Drinks
I was wondering what this milk alternative drink tastes like. I hesitate to buy this as it doesn't clearly say what it's made of on the carton and felt a little unsure about it. But it's plant based mshow more
ilk and I wanted to try new vegan milk so I gave it a try 🙂show less
Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Burgers
These vegetarian burgers from Linda McCartney's are our favourite. They are moist and taste purely delicious without overpowering seasoning. I just wanted to show how I prepare these burgers. Give it show more
a try, if you haven't had it yet, they are so yummy!!show less
Easy jelly dessert with VEGE-GEL
I’d been wanting to make jelly for a long time, especially during warm seasons but I was never able to find vegan gelatine! When I saw this product in a shop the other day, I got it straightaway andshow more
tried with an excitement. It’s a cold season now but I don’t care, I want jelly!!!show less
A simple way to eat Plantain
I like plantains in curry and vegetable stew but they are not my favourite… But when plantains are cooked this way in the video, I love it especially with dipping sauce!! Sometimes simple cooking dshow more
elivers best result.show less
Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Hoisin Duck
I had seen this vegetarian shredded hoisin duck from Linda McCartney's often in shops but never tried until today. It was so good! Even my kid who's awkward with new food loved it straightaway. So I show more
just wanted to share my experience cooking this vegetarian duck.show less