Hi, I’m Yuko, the creator of Cook Us Vegan. Thank you for finding my blog! I am originally from Japan but have lived in London for many years. I live with my partner and our son and also a cat.

I created this blog recently to share some of my recipes. Through my blog, I would like show people that vegan cooking is quite easy, just like any other cooking. I believe that vegan cooking should not be expensive or complicated ! I don’t go snobby about ingredients but focus on cooking with simple ingredients that don’t cost too much.

Three things that I naturally follow when I create recipes

I got to know about veganism when I met my partner Steve many years ago who had been vegan for over 20 years at that point. I was thinking what do they eat? salad? boiled vegetables? bean stew? there was nothing more I could think of. After I tasted some dishes that he cooked I came to realise that you can create delicious food without meat, fish or eggs. You can even bake a cake without eggs, amazing!! Moreover, I felt my body, especially my stomach was feeling a lot better after eating vegan dinner everyday for a couple of months.

After few years it became normal for me to cook and eat vegan food. However I was growing a bit bored with the varieties of food we’d been cooking and curious to try new recipes. When I found more spare time as my son started going to school 2 years ago I begun cooking new dishes and became more adventurous with ingredients and methods.