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No nut vegan sour cream

Vegan Sour Cream Nut Free

If you are looking for nut free and inexpensive sour cream alternatives, this is the one you can try! This vegan sour cream nut free is made of tahini and few other ingredients and it’s incredibly easy to make. After all of the ingredients are blended with an immersion blender, it becomes thicker and very …

how to make flax egg

How to Make A Flax Egg

Are you finding it difficult to find egg replacer or find it too expensive when you see it in shops? There are other ways to replace eggs! I have used applesauce, oil and mashed banana to replace egg in the past, which worked fine most of the time. However, my favourite egg replacer is ‘flax …

Oat cream

Oat Cream

This oat cream is super easy to make, healthy and you can drop it in a cup of coffee, soup and dessert. it can also be added to your cooking such as pasta and casserole. Yes, it is so versatile☺ I thought about making this cream when I was wondering if I could make vegan …

vegan spinach and basil pesto
Condiment Mains

Vegan Spinach and Basil Pesto

This vegan spinach and basil pesto is super easy to make, healthy and delicious. You can add this pesto sauce to various things such as pasta, potato, pizza and sandwich. I bought a big packet of spinach few days ago for my curry cooking but had still a lot of it left. There was a …